Why invest?

Why not invest in Community Shares?

Returns in the normal places people put their savings such as Banks or Unit Trusts mostly give little income at present, and many can’t keep up with inflation. Those that do give better returns often carry high levels of risk, although of course there are exceptions and low risk high return investments can still be found. As a result of so many investments giving inadequate returns, people are increasingly thinking about their money in a different way (even if they don’t have a lot) – Where is it, what’s it doing, and is it doing anyone any good?

Investing in Community Shares is just one of the many things you can do to put your money to work for good whilst making a modest but fair return on your capital that’s generally better than banks and other savings organisations can offer.

All of the Community Share offers on this site are aiming to do something to help build a better society. You can browse what’s on offer and choose for yourselves exactly where to put your money.

If none of these hit your spot, there are many other things you can do with your money.

There are ethical lending schemes such as Shared Interest where you can invest in a fund that supports a range of micro-finance schemes, or you can choose micro-finance schemes such as Lend With Care where you can lend directly to individuals and micro-businesses you choose in the Third World.

Before investing, do please read “Investors – read this first under FAQs. The risks are small – very few Community Shares organisations have failed to date – but it is still important to understand and balance the potential return against the risk to you hard earned money. Remember, unlike deposits in Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions, your savings are not underwritten by Government.