starts a new chapter is changing again, this time as Alex Bird, of, who created and has run it for 6 years has decided it is time to pass it over to someone else to look after. It has therefore passed to CBC (Co-operative Business Consultants, for the next chapter of its life.

My name is Jeremy Thorp and I will be taking over where Alex is leaving off. For the moment, I will keep things much as the are, but will gradually review all the pages on the site and see if there are ways I can make the site more useful for the coops that are listed. The basic idea will stay the same, free listing for any community share offer that asks to be listed, and small fees of £40 per month to be listed at the head of the home page, and £30 per month to be listed in the right side bar. Please continue to send me your share offer details on

In the meantime, many thanks to Alex for his work keeping it going over the years, we will try to keep it going in the same spirit of co-operation among co-operatives.


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