is changing

Since December 2012 we’ve been listing all the Community Shares offers we could find details on. Almost all were in the UK, where Community Shares are an important way to raise funds for worthwhile causes and projects, but we’ve listed a few in other countries as well.

However, the world constantly changes, and we are changing too. More and more Community Shares are being offered via third party crowdfunding sites, and so are much easier for the general public to find. The need for a long list of available offers is less than it was, so we are stopping that service.

Instead we’ll be identifying all those intermediary sites that offer Community Shares, so that anyone looking to invest can still find them easily. We’ll also list any permanently open offers that we know of.

The listing process was very labour intensive, and as it was conducted by volunteers, we’d like to thank them all, as well as the small number of people in other organisations¬†who kept us informed of upcoming offers.


Alex Bird (webmaster)

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