Sharenergy projects

Small Wind Co-op

Our good friends at Sharenergy are delighted to announce the launch of the Small Wind Co-op’s second share offer. They’re raising another £550,000 in shares over the next 2 months to complete the financing of our three turbines in Scotland and Wales. The shares are available on the same basis as the earlier share offer – 6.5% projected return and the opportunity to use the energy generated in your own home via Co-operative Energy. For all the details see the website:

or go direct to the share offer document:

They’re having another push to make sure people local to the turbines have a chance to join with events in Glasgow and Aberystwyth coming up this week – please do come along if you are nearby:

Grimsby Community Energy

Grimsby Community Energy are raising money for six community building PV installations. Because of the tight timescale imposed by the FIT deadline on five of these installations, GCE were fortunate to get a bridging loan to enable them to go ahead with installation before the share offer target was met, and five systems totalling 100kW  are now commissioned.

GCE have raised nearly £30,000 through their share issue to date, and are now pushing towards a target of £85,000 to maximise local ownership and the community benefit fund and pay off the bridging loan early.  Achieving the higher target of £148,000 will allow the sixth site to be built. The Share Offer has been extended to 18 November.  G

CE are predicting a return of 4.3% on the shares, and you will also be helping community groups to benefit from cheap electricity generated by the panels and wider energy-related activities from the Society.

The project share offer document can be downloaded here

Aberdeen Community Energy

Huge congratulations to ACE who have managed the incredible feat of getting their 100kW turbine up, running and commissioned in time for their September Feed-in Tariff deadline. They are now running a bond offer to complete the project financing – lots more information and detail can be found here:

Awel Co-op 

Our good friends at Awel Co-op are seeing the culmination of a 17 year journey as their 2 magnificent 2.3MW turbines are being constructed. You can still join them  – see their website at for the details of their ongoing share offer and their excellent blog documenting the whole construction


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