Old Co-op Shares?

Looking to trace old shares in “The Co-op”

Not got the share certificates any more?

You will have some difficulties chasing this one down, as there is no central register of co-op shareholdings, but hopefully it’s not impossible.

The first thing is to understand that the “Coop” is not just one organisation, but several, and in the past there were many, many more. Many have disappeared, but almost entirely by merger, so any old shares should have been transferred through a process of amalgamation.

The largest one, the Co-operative Group, operates all across the UK, but there are others using the same branding operating in specific areas.

Below is a list of those still operating, and these will have taken over any of the smaller co-op societies that have closed down. Do bear in mind that they operate in some cases well outside their apparent area

The FCA identifier at the beginning is the number they are registered under at the FCA  https://mutuals.fsa.gov.uk/Search.aspx

They are not registered with Companies House, unlike ordinary companies, so they are unable to help you. Some people may suggest contacting them, but our advice is not to waste your time there.

Co-operatives UK’s keep a membership list, and may also be able to help trace old Co-op societies. They are the organisation that represents the movement, and it’s their database we’ve used to sort this list above. They can be contacted via www.uk.coop

We’d suggest you write with details of any old shares to each of the Societies in order of priority based on their location, addressing your letters to “The Membership Secretary”

Hope that helps, and happy hunting