Infinity Foods & Brighton Energy Co-op

Help build PV at Infinity Foods with Brighton Energy Co-op- Two Weeks to go!

Excitingly, we’ve two weeks to go to fund Brighton energy Co-op’s community-owned solar project at Infinity Foods.

This 50kWp array will proudly generate electricity for Infinity’s warehouse. Already Europe’s largest wholesaler of wholefoods, the PV at Infinity will help green the warehouses packing, sorting and lighting, as well as powering their forklift trucks.

Already loads of of people support the project – you can join them here.

Members can expect to get a 5% interest on their investment, which is an even better idea in light of the news that high street banks are preparing for negative interest rates. Were that to happen, money in your bank account would actually decrease (rather than earning interest).

Investment in Brighton Energy Coop, on the other hand, earns you a 5% interest payment, as well as the chance to join the growing movement supporting renewable energy in the south.

Get involved & help build more renewable energy in the Brighton area.

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