Share Issuers – read this first

Standards for Community Shares

We encourage all users of this site to operate to the highest standards of probity and transparency. In particular all share offer documents should have a realistic and honest appraisal of the chances of business success, details of any risks, and a clear description of the purpose of the endeavour.
Whilst this website is not attempting to regulate Share Offers in any general way, we reserve the right to refuse listings or to remove Share Offers from our website without notice and at our absolute discretion, if we feel they are not suitable to offer to the public in any way.
In the event of such a listing having been paid for in advance of removal then any fees will be returned in full to the issuing Society.

If you’ve not already done so, please read the publications below:-

Community Shares Practitioners Handbook

Community Shares Standard Mark

Community Share and Bond Issues

WCA Community Investor Research Report 30-09-10

If you require any further advice, the Community Shares Unit offer free advice and guidance –