Free listing

You get a basic listing free. Just send us the following information and we will add you to the site.

  • Title:
  • Photograph and/or logo:
  • Text – maximum 100 words
  • Amount to Raise
  • End date
  • email address
  • website address

Enhanced paid listing

You can enhance your listing for just £40 (no VAT) per month

for this, in addition to all the above, you get

  • Your banner advert (220px x 220px) at the top of the listing page
  • More text in the main listing (up to 300 words) and you appear above the free listings

You’ll need to supply us with a ready made artwork to fit – ideally  220×220 pixels. Alternatively we can produce that for you for £30 + VAT. Send us your logo + one or more photos + your wording (we suggest 30 words max)

We only allow a maximum of 3 such features at any one time. Order of placement is first come first served.