Mountneys extended

Mounteneys Renewables – share offer extended to 28/02/2016 Following the successful first stage EIS qualifying offer, Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables is continuing to raise £2,754,000 to build two 500kW wind turbines in Stroud District, Gloucestershire by issuing a second tranche of shares post … Continue reading

Last day for SEIS

EIS is being withdrawn from 30/11/2015. Check with your chosen scheme before investing to see if your investment will still qualify. Many schemes are asking for applications to be in by 23/11/2015 to ensure they are fully processed before the cut … Continue reading

Mounteneys Renewables

Mounteneys Renewables Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables (REMR) is a Community Benefit Society set up to deliver community resilience through community-owned renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy education.  The society (REMR) is raising £2,754,000 to build two 500kW wind turbines in Stroud District, Gloucestershire. The … Continue reading

Abingdon Hydro not proceeding

Abingdon Hydro have abandoned their plans for an Archimedes Screw hydro plant on the Thames at Abingdon. Government disincentives, the protracted planning process and rising costs have made the scheme unviable. Read the full statement at Our views on Gideon … Continue reading

Solar on school in Merseyside

Yet another solar project starting up, this time on Merseyside Community Energy Merseyside Installing 140kWp of solar photovoltaics on four community buildings and one school on Merseyside Target: £148,000 – pledges accepted Investment: £250-£20,000 Anticipated Return: 3.5% annually Closes: 05/12/2015 … Continue reading