Biomass Energy Co-op Pioneer Offer

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We seek to bring our revolutionary range of Multibio biomass boilers to the UK market.  We intend to launch a ‘game changing’ new technology in the UK biomass market. Unlike others this is a biomass boiler that can utilise not just wood as fuel.  This is a ground breaking development and a bit of a coup for the co-op movement as this will be the first biomass boiler that can do this within the UK’s clean air legislation.  This ‘Multibio’ range can burn a wide variety of agri-waste streams including straw, olive, nut waste, cardboard, oat husks and even coffee.

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Our share offer aims to raise the capital required to get the Multibio range through UK Clean Air testing.  This process will enable us to not just launch and sell our boilers throughout the country but to develop local community energy hubs with councils, waste producers and landlords, linking waste streams with end users thus reducing transportation, providing local energy security, lower heating costs and new employment and skills.

We have received Advance Assurance for the Enterprise Investment Scheme which offers an additional benefit of tax relief for UK taxpayers. Generating heat and receiving the RHI are not excluded activity for EIS

Amount to Raise: £50,000 (minimum) or £90,000 (maximum)
Investment: From £200 to £20,000
End date: Ends 5th December 2015 (but can be extended)

Download the documents:-  Biomass Co-op Business Plan
Biomass Co-op Pioneer Share Offer

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