Current Share Offers


82 Community Share & Bond Offers – listed alphabetically:-

Aberdeen Community Energy
Hydro on the river Don.
15 yr 4% fixed rate bond.
Min investment: £100 max £100k
Target: £600k.
Closes 31st March 2017 or when target reached.

Abingdon Arms
Community buy out of a local pub in Beckley
Target: £560,000 (£477,000 already raised)
Investment: £250 – £100,000
Closes: Extended

Abolish Empty Office Blocks
Housing and community enterprise space in Bristol
Target: £2,700,000
Open; No date specified

Awel Co-op
Community Benefit Society building 2 wind turbines totalling 4.7 MW on Mynydd y Gwrhyd, about 20 miles north of Swansea
Target: £1,000,000 – £734,000 raised in first share offer
Investment: £50 upwards
Open: No date specified

Avalon Community Energy
Solar installations at Street & Evercreech in Somerset
Target: £250,000
Open: no date specified

Bath City Football Supporters
Buying Bath’s Conference South football club
Target: £750,000
investment: £250 to £100,000
Closes: No date specified

Beeston Ploughshare Pub
Beeston Community enterprises is trying to buy the Ploughshare in Beeston, Breckland
Target: £350,000
Closes: 15/10/2016

Bidulph Youth and Community Zone
Target: £20,000
Open: No date specified

Biomass Co-op
Bringing our revolutionary range of Multibio biomass boilers to the UK market
Amount to Raise: £50,000 (minimum) or £90,000 (maximum)
Investment: From £200 to £20,000

Bread for Good
Target: £30,000
Closes: 31/07/2016

Brighton Energy Co-op
950kWp of solar PV across a range of buildings in Brighton and Hove
Investment: £300 – £100,000
Target: £1,000,000
Closes: No date specified

Brixton Energy
Target: Project 4
Investment: £100 – £20,000
Pre-launch – pledges open 

Bury Community Hydro
Hydro on Chamberhall weir in Bury, Manchester.
Pioneer offer fully subscribed. Main offer to come once Planning Permission is obtained
Investement: £100+
Reopens: No date specified

Camarthenshire Energy
500 kWp Wind turbine in Salem
Target: £640,000
Investment: £100 – £100,000
Extended to: 30/09/2016

Le Champ Commun
Cafe/Bar/Brewery/Performance space in Brittany. Financial and other info at
Target: €720,000
Open: No date specified

The Clifton
Arts Centre in former cinema in Telford
Target £500,000
Investment: £10 – £20,000
Extended: No date specified

Coalfield Community Investment Society
Investing in co-operative ventures in coalfield communities, focussing on mining related projects. The first project is New Crofton Co-operative Colliery, near Wakefield. (
Target: £1 million to £3 million
Investment: £500 to £100,000
Closes: Extended to 30/06/2015

Community Energy Merseyside
Installing 140kWp of solar photovoltaics on four community buildings and one
school on Merseyside. Helping local charities become energy secure.
Target: £148,000
Investment: £250-£20,000
Anticipated Return: 3.5% annually
Re-opened: No closure date specified

Community Power Cornwall
Wind and Solar installations across Cornwall
Open: shares for future projects available

Cross Inn
Community buy-out of a pub in Bromley
Target: £210,000
Closes: 21/11/2016
Cuckmere Community Solar
Solar farm in Sussex.
Target: £3.5M
Opens: Collecting email address for mail out of share offer in near future.

Cultybraggan Heritage Self Catering
Refurbishing accommodation by Comrie Development Trust
Target: £45,000
Investment: £25 – £5,000
Closes: 07/11/2015
Cybermoor Networks
Investing in community owned fibre optic broadband
Target: £150,000
Investment: £100 to £100,000
Eligible for SEIS
Closes: Extended
Drovers Inn
Community Pub in Gussage, East Dorset – purchased on 11/03/2016
Target: £155,000 raised so far
Investment: £300 to £45,000
Extended: shares available to refurbish the pub
Ecological Land Co-op
Buying agricultural land across the UK for shared use
Minimum Investment: £150
Open: No date specified 

FC United
Football Supporters Trust in Manchester
Target £4.8 million – £1.9 million raised so far
Open; No date specified

Fibre for rural Nottinghamshire
Community broadband around Fiskerton
Target: £150,000
Gardeners Rest
Community pub in Sheffield
Target: £200,000
Closes: 26/11/2016

The George at Silsoe

Community pub in Bedfordshire
Target: £400,000
Investment: from £50
Extended: No date specified
Glenwyvis Distillery
Building the first community owned distillery in Scotland
Target: £1.5million
Closes: 24/06/2016
Grimsby Community Energy
Six community building PV installations totalling 100kW
Minimum investment £500 max £20k
Target: £158k
Extended to: 30/11/2016

Hail Weston Community Pub (Royal Oak)
Target: £150,000
Investment £100 to £20,000
Open: No date specified

Hastings Pier
Charitable society to restore the pier – now reopened.
Target: £300,000 on second share offer to improve the pier
Closes: 05/08/2016
Investment: £100 to £100,000

HF Holidays
Walking and oyutdoor activity holidays
Target £unlimited
Open: to new and existing members
Investment – £100 – £20,000

The Holywell Community Pub Ltd
Community Pub at Holywell Green, Halifax
Target: £338,000
Investment: £25 per month for 48 months
Closes: Open Ended

ICOF Community Capital
Loan fund for co-operatives
Target: £ unlimited
Open: No date specified
Kennet Community Energy
Solar PV installations on community buildings in N & E Wiltshire
Investment: £500 – £100,000.
Lambeth GP Food Co-op
A GP led community co-op helping people in Lambeth
Target: £45,000
Closes: 10/12/2016
Leeds Community Homes
Share offer to raise finance for community led social housing. Investment will be matched by the Community Shares Booster Fund
Target: £360,000
Investment: £100 – £36,000
Closes: 19/12/2016
Lewes FC
Installing a 3rd generation all weather pitch
Target: £200,000
Open: No closure date specified
Liverpool Community Solar
Project to install solar PV on community and domestic roofs across Liverpool
Target: £80,000 Pioneer Offer – 75% raised so far
Investment: £100 – £24,000
Open: No closure date specified

London CLT
Community Land Trust building 12 affordable homes in Lewisham
Target: £450,000
Investment: £100 – £100,000
Closes: 15/07/2016

Low Carbon Hub, Oxford
Multiple Solar PV systems on  schools and several local businesses
Target: £3.5million across two projects
Investment: £250 – £100,000
Extended to: 03/10/2016

Maid Energy Co-op
Solar on schools and Art centre in Maidenhead.
Target: £75,000
Mininimum investment £250
Morning Star
Left wing newspaper co-operative originally started by Communist Party in 1930
Taget: Not specified
Investment: £1 – £100,000
Open: Continuous Share Offer
Narberth Energy Ltd
Biomass heated community swimming pool
Target: £130,000
Extended: 72% funded
New Inn
Community pub in Norton Lindsey
Target: £300,000
Investment: £250 – £60,000
Closes: 30/11/2016
Northcote Books
Community Bookshop in SW11
Prelaunch: Share offer coming once negotiations with the council are complete

New Leaf Solar
1 MW Community Solar in Sutton Strugwas, Herefordshire
Pioneer offer closed. Main offer will follow later
Investment: From £100
Reopens soon: No date specified

Northern Ireland Community Energy
Second share offer to raise £130,000 to install Solar PV panels on 10 more community buildings
Investment: £250 – £20,000
Closes: 31/07/2016
Oldham Community Power
Solar PV on schools, community centres, and other community buildings in Oldham
Target: £348,000 minimum – £658,900 stretch
Investment: £100 – £100,000
Anticipated Return: 4%
Closes: 14/07/2016
Pencuik Community Food Project
Opening a  storehouse and Bakery in Pencuik, Midlothian
Target: £200,000
Investment: £25 – £20,000
Closes: 15/09/2016
Pink Lane Jazz Club
Jazz Club in Newcastle
Target: £125,000
Investment: £200 – £20,000
Extended: No date specified
Plymouth Energy Community
Solar on multiple sites
Minimum investment £50
Extended to: 30/12/2016
Portland Works
Workshop Space – Shares
Target; £300,000 – £270,000 raised so far
Open; No date specified
Portpatrick Harbour
Buying the harbour in this Scottish fishing village for the community
Target: £100,000
Open: No date specified
Rangers Supporters Trust
Supporters Trust with £250,000 in Rangers shares so far
Target: 50% of the club
Investment: £100 – £20,000
Open; No date specified

Fairtrade coffee importer and processor
Target: £unlimited
Investment: £10 – £20,000
Open: No date specified

Reynoldston Community Shop
Community Shop and Post Office on the Gower peninsula in Wales
Target: £120,000
Investment: £50 – £20,000

Riverside Market Garden
Community owned market garden near Cardiff
Investment: £50 – £100,000
Open: No date specified

RoCo Creative
Work/live co-op in Sheffield
Target: £200,000
Investment : £200 – £20,000
Open: No date specified

Housing & worker co-op – part of Radical Routes – Shares
Target: £unlimited
Open: No date specified

Rural Urban Synthesis Society
Housing – Shares
Target; £625,000
Open; No date specified

Rush Farm
Renewable heat at Rush organic farm by Stockwood Community Benefit
Target: £700,000
Investment: £100 – £100,000
Closes: Extended to 31/03/2016

Sanford Talking shop
Community shop and cafe in Sanford on Thames
Target: £60,000
Closes: 06/07/2016

Sanford Talking Shop
Community shop in the village hall at Stanford, Oxfordshire
Target: £60,000
Closes; 08/03/2016

Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society
To raise £40,000 to support enlightened agriculture & education projects our stunning 40 acre community land project in Horam, East Sussex
Target: £40,000

Save Whatcombe Fields
Open space near Frome
Target: £330,000
Investment: £250 – £100,000
Closes: No date specified

Settle Hydro
Refinancing and upgrading an existing micro-hydro scheme
Target: £195,000
Investment: £250 – £20,000
Extended: No date specified

Shared Interest
Fair finance for disadvantaged communities across the globe – Shares
Target – £ unlimited
Investment – £200 – £20,000
Open; No date specified

Small Wind Co-op
Second share issue now open
Target: £550,000
Investment: £100 – £100,000 (shares)
Closes: 12/12/2016

Somerset Community Land Trust
Flats in a renovated building in Taunton
Target: £220,000
Open: No date specified

Stockport Hydro
Refinancing an existing micro-hydro – replacing bank loan
Target: £100,000
Investment: £250 – £20,000

Open: No date specified

Stockwood CBS
to purchase a 31 acre Organic/Biodynamic Farm
Target: £70,000 (of total £1,000,000 finance package)
Investment: £100 – £100,000
Closes; 31/07/2016

Styal Village Stores
Community Shop
Target: £25,000
Open: No date specified

Sutton Community Farm
Community Farm at Wellington, near Carshalton
Target: £60,000
Investment: £30 upwards

Swansea Community Energy
Installing solar PV on community buildings across Swansea
Target: Open
Investment: £250 upwards (£50 for Swansea residents)

Teddington and Ham Hydro
Installing 3 hydro generators at Teddington Weir
Target: £2,000,000 (Pioner offer raised £110,500)
Investment: £250 – £100,000
Opens: Early 2017

Unity Hall
Community Hall in Wakefield
Target £200,000
Investment: £200 – £100,000
Open; No date specified
Village Greens Co-op
Community Shop in Prestwich
Target: £95,000 raised so far
Investment: £100 – £20,000
Open: No date specified
West Town Farm
Community Trust saving a working organic farm near Exeter
Pre-launch: Share issue coming soon

Wolverton Community Energy
Installing SolarPV on Wolverton Industrial Park in Milton Keynes
Target: £525,000
Investment: From £100

Ynni Padarn Peris
55 kWp micro hydro on Afon Goch in Lanberis.
Closes: 25/04/2016
Target: £250k

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