Share Offers

Since December 2012 we’ve been listing all the Community Share offers we could find details on. Almost all were in the UK, but we’ve listed a few in other countries as well.
From now on we’ll be identifying all those intermediary sites that offer Community Shares, so that anyone looking to invest can still find them easily.
We’ll also list any permanently open offers that we know of, as well as any share offers that we are asked to list.

Community Share & Bond Offers

ELFDA (East Lancashire Football Development Association)
Set up to take over, renovate and run local football pitches which were previously owned by Blackburn and Darwen Council. They have secured various grants to renovate the pitches (which were dilapidated and could not be used) and the share offer is to raise finance to secure equipment such as goal posts and maintenance machinery.
Target: £25,000
Closes: 31/04/2017

Websites offering only Community Share Offers

Community Shares Unit/Microgenius

Energy for All


Websites offering Community Share Offers and other/commercial/voluntary/charitable projects – 






Permanently Open Community Share & Bond Offers

Coalfield Community Investment Society
Investing in co-operative ventures in coalfield communities, focusing on mining related projects. Target: £1 million to £3 million
Investment: £500 to £100,000

HF Holidays
Walking and outdoor activity holidays
Target £unlimited
Investment – £100 – £20,000

ICOF Community Capital
Loan fund for co-operatives
Target: £ unlimited

Ecological Land Co-op
Buying agricultural land across the UK for shared use
Target: £unlimited
Minimum Investment: £150

Morning Star
Left wing newspaper co-operative originally started by Communist Party in 1930
Target: £unlimited
Investment: £1 – £100,000

Fairtrade coffee importer and processor
Target: £unlimited
Investment: £10 – £20,000

Housing & worker co-op – part of Radical Routes – Shares
Target: £unlimited

Shared Interest
Fair finance for disadvantaged communities across the globe – Shares
Target – £ unlimited
Investment – £200 – £20,000

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