New projects

Low Carbon Hub in Oxford has two new projects on Ethex. These two projects come to £3.5million and they are anticipating returns of over 5%
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Glenwyvis Distillery raising £1.5million to create Scotland’s first ever community owned distillery.
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Bristol Energy Co-op bond issue extended to 06/06/2016
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More offers fully subscribed

Mounteneys Renewables – This Community Share offer is now closed.  Both turbines are going ahead.

Reposer Balcolme – This Community Share offer is also now closed. Fully subscribed.

Wight Community Energy – Still time to invest – Extended to 17/05/2016.

Cardiff Community Energy – Planning to install Solar PV on 5 Cardiff schools.  Share offer will launch in May.

These bring the total raised by offers featured here to over £65million

Bond Issues

Some energy co-ops are now starting to issue Bonds, two notable examples being Bristol Energy Co-op and Bath and West Community Energy.

Our policy has been to only advertise Bond issues from Societies, as these are exempt from the Financial Services and Markets Act 2012, and are able to be offered to the public without a full, and legally binding, Prospectus.

Bonds, like all forms of loan stock, have no voting rights, are for a fixed term, can have a fixed interest rate, but carry slightly less risk than shares.

Bond issues on this site are always indicated in bold italic type

Further information is on our Loan Stock page

Community Energy Merseyside – we’ve reopened out Share Offer

Have You Got £250 To Invest In The Liverpool Solar Communities Share Offer?
Go to to find out more.
Help local charities become energy secure

Community Energy Merseyside has renewed its drive to raise community
investment to put solar panels on four community buildings in Liverpool as
part of its campaign to create carbon-free and solar neighbourhoods in the
poorest parts of the city.  Supporters can invest £250-£2000 and will
receive 4% interest annually once the panels are installed.  The Share Offer
is open until March 24th and we plan to install in stages as investment
comes in so the quicker the better!

You can get information about the Share Offer and the community
organisations we are assisting here:
pdated.pdf and you can view our promotional video on You Tube:

if you have any questions, contact Community Energy Merseyside:

Share offer extended for Penicuik community food

Share offer extended for Penicuik community food and social supermarket project

An ambitious community-led project to bring a community food and market place to the Midlothian town of Penicuik has extended its share offer deadline to the end of March. The Penicuik Storehouse will play home to a community bakery, cafe, kitchen, food store and social supermarket and will provide a vital hub for the town.

The project is supported by the Plunkett Foundation

Read more here. 

Mountneys extended

mounteneys share offer STAGE2 FINAL Cover OnlyMounteneys Renewables – share offer extended to 28/02/2016
Following the successful first stage EIS qualifying offer, Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables
 is continuing to raise £2,754,000 to build two 500kW wind turbines in Stroud District, Gloucestershire by issuing a second tranche of shares post EIS.

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