New offers in Hastings and Brent

Hastings Pier
Charitable society to restore the pier – now reopened.
Target: £300,000 on second share offer to improve the pier
Closes: 05/08/2016
Investment: £100 to £100,000

Brent Pure Energy
50 kWp Solar PV array on Queens Park Community School, London NW6 7BQ
Target:  £60,000 (£37,000 already raised)
Investment: From £100 to £10,000
Anticipated return: 4%
Closes: 31/07/2016

M&S launch a community share offer

M&S Energy Society is a new initiative designed to generate renewable electricity from solar panels installed on M&S stores across the UK. Funded by a share offer, the income from the electricity generated will provide both a return for investors, as well as funding carbon-saving initiatives in the local community. The share offer provides M&S customers with an exclusive opportunity to invest from £100 upwards in M&S Energy Society. This ambitious renewable energy project is a first for any major UK retailer.

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Oldham Council working with the community

Oldham Community Power launches its project to install Solar PV on schools, community centres, and other community buildings in Oldham. They are working with the active support of Oldham Council for their ambitious scheme
Their target is £348,000 as a minimum, raising to £658,900 at a stretch
Investments between £100 and £100,000, and the anticipated return is 4%
The offer closes on 14/07/2016. More details at:-

Bristol’s Big Green Week

It is Bristol’s Big Green Week – Bristol’s annual festival of Sustainability.  Here’s the program of events.  And here’s the Citywide Review  of 2015 – Bristol’s year as European Green Capital.

Bristol Power Co-op and Connolly and Callaghan have organised two free, informal events around the future of energy and the future of housing – this Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.  There’s more information about each event on the Eventbrite sign-up pages.  Spoiler alert – energy can be zero carbon, affordable, abundant – and so can homes and housing too.

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Northern Ireland Community Energy extended

N Ireland Community EnergyThe second community share issue from Northern Ireland Community Energy has been extended until the end of June 2016

Following their successful first issue, they are planning to raise a further £130,000 to install solar PV panels on 10 more community buildings across Northern Ireland

New and existing members can invest from £250 to £20,000 in this new share offer.

Full details at

Small Wind launches

The Small Wind Co-op launches tomorrow (June 9th)

The latest offering from the development team at Sharenergy Co-op.
The Small Wind Co-op will own farm-scale wind turbines in Wales and Scotland. The project has an agreement with Co-operative Energy so members will be able to buy back the electricity generated at reasonable prices for use in their own homes.
Target: £1,591,000  – 1,241,000 shares and 350,000 bonds.
Investment: £100 – £100,000 (shares) or £100 – £5,000 (six year bonds)
Offer open until 22 July 2016